Investment Management

GCG's investment management services are solely concerned with the selection and trading of stocks and other financial instruments that comprise the managed portfolios.

In recognition of the fact that each client has distinct aims and objectives, each portfolio is developed using a customised, tailored methodology.

The majority of GCG's investing philosophy is moderate, avoiding overly high-risk investments and favouring conventional holdings with substantial trading volumes, marketability, and liquidity.

To further mitigate risk, we ensure that our portfolios are diversified across asset classes, sectors, industries, and geographies, so that if one area has a downturn, the expected upturn in one of the other areas will mitigate or even offset losses.

GCG provides two choices for portfolio management. The discretionary portfolio is available for clients who lack the time, knowledge, or desire to commit the necessary attention and effort to monitoring and managing their investments. If you give GCG the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf, all within predetermined limits that outline your objectives and risk tolerance, you will benefit from the full force of our research and analysis, implemented at the appropriate time.

For those clients with more experience and knowledge of the investment markets, we give the advisory portfolio service. Before any purchases or sales are made or disposed of on a client's behalf, the client's Account Manager obtains permission to proceed.

Wealth Management

GCG offers you and your family peace of mind by developing a complete wealth management strategy to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Private Equity

We give our clients with access to global markets, and our team is here to assist you in navigating the vast array of accessible investment vehicles.

Hedge Funds

With access to hedge funds all across the world, we give our clients with unmatched opportunities, and our team is here to assure your success.